Immersive Reader in a Primary Classroom (Pt. #1)

Every once in a while, an #EdTech tool comes around that really ups the ante. In most cases, these tools are easily identified with certain grade levels, and then it’s up to the teacher’s creativity to find ways to implement it.

Microsoft’s newest addition to the Office 365 suite is a complete changer. You can find it throughout the suite, but for today’s purpose, I’ll be sharing how my first graders used it with Word Online.

Let’s face it…reading and understanding a first grade writing piece often involves the use of a decodable pen, turning the paper around all sides, and the use of a translator. How teachers are able to understand any of this is truly a work of art. But, what if we were able to provide an opportunity for our students to hear back what they wrote before they handed it to us? What if they could hear their own mistakes, and go back to edit their work until it was correct - and THEN submit it to us? If you’re like me, you are shaking your head, “YES!”

For our last writing assignment, I had my students take their rough drafts and type them directly into Word Online. I didn’t ask them to show me ahead of time - in fact, I wanted them them to make mistakes. The reason why, was because immediately after they finished typing, I had them open Immersive Reader which allows them to hear back what they wrote.


If they had mistakes, they were able to go back, edit them, and then correct them - all without my help! But wait…it get’s better…

At this point in our year, I am teaching the students the importance of checking their parts of speech. With a few simple clicks, they can have Immersive Reader check that, too.


But what if you have a student who just needs some help pronouncing some words? Immersive Reader can even break apart syllables!


Stay tuned to see how we transformed an ordinary rubric to make it more #interACTIVE! 👓 -J