📺 Flipgrid TV! 📺

📺 Flipgrid TV! 📺

Flipgrid TV is an activity that I came up with where students work through four tasks throughout the course of one week. My students were responsible for completing all of the tasks before the end of the week, but it was their responsibility to complete one per day. They were able to pick whichever activity they wanted, but again - all had to be completed prior to the end of the week.

So, how do you do it? It’s actually quite simple. Here’s what you’ll need to create your own version:

Step #1: Record your tasks
Record yourself explaining the task(s)
You can create as many videos / tasks as you’d like. They will eventually be “app smashed” into Do Ink, so don’t spend too much time worry about how they look. Just be sure to explain clearly, and set the expectations.

Step #2: Find a green screen TV
Pick out your favorite from a quick Google search
Search for a “green screen tv” on Google. Pick one out that you like, and save it to your device’s camera roll.

Step #3: Uploading your TV
Open Do Ink and insert your green screen TV
Open up Do Ink on your device. Then, click the plus sign on the top layer. Tap on “insert image.”

Step #4: Uploading your video / tasks
App smash your video / tasks into Do Ink
On the second layer, tap the plus sign and select “video.” Find your recorded video / task and upload it. You may need to resize it to fit into your green screen TV.

Step #5: Export the file
Save your new Do Ink video onto your camera roll
Tap the back button to return to the main screen. Then, tap the “sharrow” and select “export. The file will then be saved to the camera roll.

Step #6: Upload to Flipgrid (IMPORTANT!)
Upload the new Do Ink video to Flipgrid
With your new Do Ink video ready, start a new Flipgrid topic. IMPORTANT: Post your video(s) as if you are a student. Then you can have as many different questions / tasks that you’d like. When the students go to complete the tasks, explain to them that they are to only respond to you. They should NOT be creating a new response. This will keep everything organized under the appropriate topic. See the GIF above for a better understanding!

Step #7: Repeat as needed
Repeat the steps above for all the tasks you’d like to assign.
Just repeat those steps for each task. Make sure that when you go to post onto Flipgrid, you post as a student. Remind your students to reply to you - and not each other!

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