"What's in the Bag EDU?" (Episode 7: Amy Storer, @techamys)

Welcome to the seventh episode of
“What’s in the Bag EDU?”

We’re putting an EDU spin on the series originally by Amoeba Records! In “What’s in the Bag EDU,” educators share tools that they’re using in their classrooms. When possible, we’ll provide links to purchase the items discussed, just below the videos.

Today, we welcome Amy Storer, or @techamys, from Montgomery, TX!


Amy Storer is an Instructional Coach and Technology Integration Mentor in Montgomery, Texas. She encourages and motivates others to reach far beyond the classroom walls to make the learning more meaningful and inspiring. Amy has a true passion for working with other educators and students to encourage them to make and foster global connections.

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Item #1:

Buncee: Buncee is my absolute favorite creation tool as an instructional coach. I use it all the time to create graphics for presentations, school and district signage, newsletters, and more! What I love about this tool is that kids (and teachers) get it, because it gets them! I feel at my most creative when using it. Just love it!

Item #2:

Wakelet: Wakelet is a content creation platform where users can bookmark, organize content into collections, create digital stories, collaborate, design learning portfolios, you name it! Wakelet can do it! I love to use this tool as an instructional coach to create collections for frequently visited sites for our campus family, coaching menus, professional development, and for taking notes.

Item #3:

#CopierPD: I started this last year after being inspired by a conversation I had with some educators on Voxer. I was looking for ways to reach the adult learners on my campus, but to also honor their time. This is very similar to #PottyPD and #LearningintheLoo. You never know who you will impact with your words and the things that you share!

Item #4:

Four O’Clock Faculty by Rich Czyz: This book totally transformed the way that I think about professional learning. It continues to inspire me to design experiences for my teachers and others that “stick”. I even own 2 books, just in case I lose one! That is how much I love it!

Item #5:

My Space: As an instructional coach, I want my space to be inviting and a space for all. Each year, I work to add more to my room for the teachers that I work alongside. Some of my favorite things in my space? Candy jars, our professional learning library (bookshelf built by my pawpaw), and grade level tubs to stay organized.

Item #6:

Flocabulary: I love the way this tool amplifies student voice! One of my favorite features of this tool is the Lyric Lab. Students and teachers are able to design and create academic rhymes to go along with content and learning. 

Item #7:

Podcasts! I love listening to podcasts while in the car or in the gym. It is a great way to explore and learn while on the go, and it’s FREE! Some of my favorite educational podcasts are Teach Like a Rockstar, Leading Equity (just started this one), and Cult of Pedagogy. I also love true crime podcasts and those that tell a story.

Item #8:

Frixion Pens! These are my favorite pens to use with my calendar! They are retractable gel pens that also erase! I have a hard time using anything else! LOL!


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