"What's in the Bag EDU?" (Episode 6: Kathrina Mendez, @kathrina_mendez)

Welcome to the sixth episode of
“What’s in the Bag EDU?”

We’re putting an EDU spin on the series originally by Amoeba Records! In “What’s in the Bag EDU,” educators share tools that they’re using in their classrooms. When possible, we’ll provide links to purchase the items discussed, just below the videos.

Today, we welcome Kathrina Mendez, or @kathrina_mendez, from San Diego, CA!


Hi! My name is Kathrina Mendez and I teach a 4th/5th grade combination class south of San Diego in California. I love learning and connecting with others. I am passionate about building relationships with my students and providing equitable opportunities for diverse learners.

(please note, below are affiliate links)

Item #1:

Presentation Remote -- My students always look forward to using this wireless remote for class presentations. It is ergonomically designed, durable, easy to use, and inexpensive. The remote uses one AAA battery and has an ultra-slim USB receiver that is stored inside the remote when not in use. The controls allow students to easily go forward, backward, full screen, and includes a laser pointer. To purchase, click here.

Item #2:

IMultipurpose Laser Leveler — I use this multipurpose laser leveler for decorating my classroom, especially when setting up my class before the school year starts. The leveler includes an 8 foot measuring tape, three bubble levels, and my favorite part--the laser leveler. The laser level helps me easily level and line up multiple bulletin boards or posters as desired. A must-have for my fellow Type A teachers! This item was found on Amazon here.

Item #3:

Ceiling Clips — If you have T bar ceilings in your classroom, these ceiling hooks are an awesome and easy way to decorate and transform your classroom. I keep these hooks close to the perimeter of my entire ceiling to hang decorations, backdrops, flags, and student work throughout the year. They are super easy to clip on and move or slide around as needed. I love using them for classroom transformations to surprise the students and physically change the look of our room. To purchase, click here.

Item #4:

Webcam Cover Slider — After having a class set of Chromebooks for 3 years, some of our webcams have gotten scratched and cloudy after so much student wear and tear. These cover sliders protect the webcam lens and have a strong adhesive and stay in place once they’re set. An added bonus is that it can help with managing the class. When students are working on video projects and I need their immediate attention, I simply ask for them to slide their cover to avoid distractions. To purchase, click here.

Item #5:

Flipgrid Tent or Pop-Up Pod — We LOVE using Flipgrid in our room and we use this tent to provide students a more private or safe space to record when needed. We also use the tent during independent reading as a comfy, distraction free reading nook. We have a few in our room and students love to use it so much that I have a rotation schedule for students during independent work. The tent can also double up as a green screen for other video projects! See my video for my pod-hack alternative! To purchase, click here.

Item #6:

Write & Wipe Magnetic  Nameplates — I forgot to include these in my video but here are two photos of my last item! I use these magnets to stay organized in a visual way. I have used them as an attendance tracker as students enter the room and move their name from Absent to Present. I also use them to keep track of class jobs and flex groups in writing. I have multiple sets and sometimes print labels for the sets that get shifted around so much so that I don’t have to deal with rewriting names when they accidentally get wiped off! To purchase, click here.

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