"What's in the Bag EDU?" (Episode 4: Karie Frauenhoffer, @legitkfrauey)

Welcome to the third episode of
“What’s in the Bag EDU?”

We’re putting an EDU spin on the series originally by Amoeba Records! In “What’s in the Bag EDU,” educators share tools that they’re using in their classrooms. When possible, we’ll provide links to purchase the items discussed, just below the videos.

Today, we welcome Karie Frauenhoffer, or @LegitKFrauey, from Kernersville, NC!


HI! My name is Karie Frauenhoffer. I am a 7th Grade Language Arts and Social Studies teacher from Kernersville, North Carolina. I am currently entering my 9th year of teaching and this year will be the first year in 4 years I am teaching Social Studies again!

(please note, below are affiliate links)

Item #1:

PaperMate Inkjoy Gel Pens -- Every teacher needs a good pen to use for all of that lesson plan writing and grading! I love these because they don’t smear like other gel pens, they’re super comfortable to write with AND they come in such pretty colors ;). To purchase, click here.

Item #2:

I love to incorporate spelling challenges into fun classroom activities I do, like escape rooms or breakouts. Bananagrams is a great letter tile game that you can use to incorporate those spelling challenges! This item was found on Amazon here.

Item #3:

Adhesive Pocket Squares from Target Dollar Spot! They are great for labeling desks with desk numbers or providing little reminders! :)

Item #4:

An Amazon Echo Dot: This is a great little gadget to add to your classroom. I love to use Alexa for a timer, to play games & for some ambient music while the kiddos work! To purchase, click here.

Item #5:

Scotch Laminator: Every teacher needs their own personal laminator. Let’s be honest… sometimes we don’t have time to wait for others to do our laminating for us. This scotch laminator is a great deal & super user friendly -- Its my favorite B2S tool! To purchase, click here.

Never compare yourself to snapshots you see on the internet. These are supplies I’ve acquired over the years but, not something I had when I first started!

Purchase Links:

Here’s where you can find direct links to purchase the items that Karie mentioned. Please note: these are affiliate links. If you have any questions, please reach out to Karie on Twitter at: @legitkfrauey!


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