"What's in the Bag EDU?" (Episode 2: Andy Knueven, @MrCoachK15)

Welcome to the second episode of
“What’s in the Bag EDU?”

We’re putting an EDU spin on the series originally by Amoeba Records! In “What’s in the Bag EDU,” educators share tools that they’re using in their classrooms. When possible, we’ll provide links to purchase the items discussed, just below the videos.

Today, we welcome Andy Knueven, or @MrCoachK15, from Zionsville, IN!


My name is Andy Knueven, 5th grade math and science teacher at Zionsville West Middle School in Zionsville, IN. I love all EdTech things that better support instruction and the learning for our students. There are lots of items that can simply be fun but as educators, we are the most creative people in finding ways to incorporate items to support establishing a great classroom environment that is welcoming and supportive of the learning for all! 

Item #1:

USB Hub - Most computers don’t have many USB ports anymore and quickly fill up with items. Having a USB Port Hub eliminates this issue. I can have my wireless mouse, keyboard, a microphone, thumb drive, and any other USB powered items all accessible anytime. The one I featured is here (please note: this is an affiliate link).

Item #2:

I fully utilize my iPad within my class for notes and project apps that support the instruction occurring. Having a Windows computer but an Apple iPad, I use https://www.airserver.com/ to mirror my iPad screen to my computer. From there, that’s projected for my students to learn with too!

Item #3:

Digital Drawing Tablets - Giving students access to digital ink changes has evolved note taking within my class. I use Microsoft OneNote with USB plug-in drawing tablets which allows students to have the same access to digital ink as I do on a computer. This item was found on Amazon here (please note: this is an affiliate link).

Item #4:

Drying Racks for Tablet Organization - taking a kitchen drying rack, I was able to help organize these tablets for students to find theirs with ease.

Item #5:

Clear Pocket Chart - These can be used in so many ways from holding calculators, cell phones, chargers, headphones, or for me the digital ink pens. Each is numbered to correlate to the tablet and that student. A similar style can be found on Amazon here (please note: this is an affiliate link).

Purchase Links:

Here’s where you can find direct links to purchase the items that Andy mentioned. Please note: these are affiliate links. If you have any questions, please reach out to Andy on Twitter at: @MrCoachK15!


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