FETC Here We Come!


It’s that time of year and we are excited to be able to travel to FETC2019. This four day conference in Orlando is a great (and giant!) place to learn all about new technology you can integrate into your classroom along with hundreds of sessions ranging from implementing STEAM programs, design thinking across the curriculum, to stress relief strategies.

We we are honored to get time to present while in Orlando and would love to connect with you. On Monday you can find us at the playground/sandbox from 8-11 talking all things #Appsmashing! On Tuesday we will be hanging at the Buncee Booth (#1249) talking about how we like to integrate Buncee in the #interACTIVEclass. We’d love to connect with you and meet you in real life!


Kristin’s Must-See Sessions 👀

My agenda this go around is very mixed. My district is in the initial rollout of becoming a Microsoft district so I am interested in several sessions associated with the many programs Microsoft offers educators. I am also continually seeking out strategies for making my classroom even more student centered and many of my session choices reflect this goal.


My plan for Monday is to meet as many educators as I can in the Sandbox and then visit the Expo Hall that afternoon. I am looking forward to stopping by the Microsoft booth (#1431) to preview many of the devices they will have on display as I am looking for new options for my students. I will obviously stop by some of my steadfast favorites Buncee (#1249) and Nearpod (#813).


22 Strategies for Taming the Wild Text for Digital Readers (CO32): I love Monica Burns and am excited to see her ideas for reading in the digital world.

Capture-Curate-Share Your Experiences!: This session sill about about helping students, teachers and administrators curate their digital learning experiences. Learn to use a content curation platform to save conference articles, videos, Tweets, podcasts and pretty much anything else you might use later!

Digital Tools to Support Reading and Writing (CO74): In this session, attendees will get an overview of different tools they can use in their classroom to engage students in the reading and writing process.

40 in 40: Microsoft Tools, Tips and Treasures (C089): Take part in a Microsoft scavenger hunt, discovering new nooks in a variety of tools. Learn about 40 fabulous finds related to various Microsoft tools including Bing, Sway, OneNote and more!

Teach ALL the Memes! (C148): This hands on session will help educators understand what memes are, why . they are powerful tools for teaching and learning and how to make three forms of image- and gif-based memes.

Tools to Amplify Student Voice (C217): Amy Storer, an instructional coach from Montgomery TX is a good friend of mine -his one is must see! She will be exploring tools like Buncee, Flocabulary, and Flipgrid—all tools that allow students to take ownership over their learning both inside and outside of the classroom.


Teaching Media Literacy in the Age of Fake News (C243): Take a look at some of the many media literacies that we must teach if we want to empower our students to be leaders rather than followers.

Make It Count! 15 Formative Assessment Favorites for K-12 Classrooms (C248): Ed Tech guru Monica Burns will provide an overview of 15 favorite websites and mobile apps that are perfect for students of all ages-in any subject area. Attendees will try out favorite formative assessment tools and make a plan for bringing these favorites back to their students.

Emerging Digital Learning Trends—What Do the Students Say? (C275): Examine the emerging trends fro educational technology from the perspective of the K-12 student.

Thinking Beyond the Device. How Tech in EDU Can Shine (C309): Virtual reality, digital portfolios, voice assistants, and artificial intelligence introduce new dynamics in classroom management and technology integration as well as a rich context for how technology can drive engagement and purpose. Discover new ways students can experience these technologies to create and shine.

Ditch That Textbook (C324): Teachers are no longer the gatekeepers to education and with information available from Google, YouTube, and social media, how do educators navigate the new landscape? You’ll leave this session inspired and equipped to “ditch that textbook” and ready to engage students in digital spaces where the traditional “textbook” beliefs are rethought.



The Sandbox - similar to ISTE’s “Playgrounds”
Lots of learning in a short amount of time! Come learn from these quick hands on, on your own time sessions. There are a ton of great ideas being shared, so you won’t want to miss it!

Global Collaboration: The Power of a Connected Classroom
Brandi Miller (@BMilla84)
Brandi highlights the endless possibilities that are available when you use technology to connect beyond your four walls.

Taking Digital Instruction to Infinity and Beyond
Matt Miller (@JMattMiller)
Matt offers ideas to get students actively engaged with new content.

Make K-2 Science Exciting in a Digital Minute
Jenna Mercury (@Science4UsSays)
See how K-2 science can be successful when taught in a digital format.


Visual Thinking - Using Visual to Manage Student Learning
Manuel Herrera (@ManuelHerrera33)
Follow Manuel for more information on this pop-up session!

Using Critical Inquiry, Dialogue, Collaborative Technologies to Examine Empathy
Claudio Zavala, Jr. (@ClaudioZavalaJr)
Claudio shares his talents, creative ideas, and storytelling!

The Learning Mixologist: Shaken and Infused, Never Stirred
Holly Clark (@HollyClark) & Kasey Bell (@ShakeUpLearning)
One part Holly Clark, one part Kasey Bell? Yes, please!

What’s the Mystery with Mystery Skype?
Amy Storer (@TechAmys)
EduRockstar Amy Storer shares ways to use Mystery Skype in the classroom!


Empowering Student Voice with Flipgrid
Holly Clark (@HollyClark)
Holly shares ways to develop student voice using the hottest app on the market!

Startup Pitchfest (Final Round)
Hear the next generation of trailblazers, as they share their cutting-edge products and services.

Ditch That Textbook
Matt Miller (@JMattMiller)
Learn how to provide the most relevant education possible for your students, without that textbook.

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